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Introduction to Geocaching for Scouters

We have written a supplemental training that is available on the BSA website. It has been approved by the Boy Scout Training Task Force and is available at the National Scouting website. This is a combination of hands-on/lecture format and will be complete with powerpoint material and handouts. I would be interested in having more pilots done with this material.

If you would like to try this in your district or council, go to the National Scouting Website to find the supplemental training, Geocaching to Promote Scouting

Download a PDF version of this supplemental training here

Philmont Training available - June 19 to 25, 2011

If you want hands-on experience with Geoscouting then attend Geocaching to Promote Scouting at the Philmont Training Center. This will be the sixth year this course has been offered. There are still openings available. There have been a total of 157 Scouters attend this conference and the universal opinion is "It was a BLAST!"

Course Name
Geocaching to Promote Scouting (GPS)

Course Description
This course teaches Boy Scout Leaders how to use this new sport of Geocaching to enhance their troop in a number of ways. Participants will learn to use GPS technology and geocaching to add excitement to their troop operations while supporting traditional Scouting skills and Values. The course will culminate with the participant's own recruiting and retention plan to take back home, using geocaching to help exceed the membership goals of their units.

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Course Dates
06/19/2011 through 06/25/2011

Go to the National Council Philmont Site for more info Here>

Browse the 2011 Philmont Conference Schedule for course descriptions and rates Here>

To register online go to the National MyScouting Website and login to your MyScouting account. From there click on Event Registration and you will see the Philmont Training Center link. You can browse the Conference schedule or proceed directly to registering for your conference. PTC registration is open.

For more information about course registration, contact your local council or trainingcenter@philmontscoutranch.org.

Have Fun @ PTC


2007 Conference Slideshow
Here is a slideshow highlighting what our 2007 Geocaching to Promote Scouting conference participants experienced during their week at the Philmont Training Center.

If you want to learn about a new, exciting way to attract new members, retain the Scouts you have and add a wild new program to your unit, you have to attend this conference.

2007 Slideshow




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