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Geocaching Rules and Etiquette for hiding and seeking caches
Rule #1: Safety

Boys are likely to be excited about finding the cache and may or may not use common sense to get to it, so take care that you don’t place a cache that in any way leads them into a dangerous situation. This includes the following obvious NO-NOs:

bullet Stay far away from road traffic and railroad crossings
bullet Don’t place a cache higher than 6 feet nor require any dangerous climbing to reach it
bullet Don’t require Scouts to swim to reach the cache
bullet Public caches are often magnetic containers stuck onto electrical switch boxes. Common sense says to avoid these as well!
bullet Always enforce the Buddy system
Rule #2: Respect the environment
NEVER bury a cache in the ground (you can place a pile of sticks or rocks over it however)
bullet Avoid sensitive ecosystems – remember that they will make a beeline for it, and trample vegetation in the vicinity. Place caches so that they can be reached by existing trail access.
bullet Don’t place caches in archeological or historic sites
bullet Don’t deface any object, natural or manmade
bullet Many geocachers hide small caches in light post bases, sprinkler heads, etc. These should be avoided so the boys don’t tear things apart looking for a “fake” one.
Rule#3: Respect private property
bullet GET PERMISSION from land managers to use parks, Scout camps, etc for your events
bullet Do not put caches on National Park land, National Wildlife refuges, etc. These are currently not allowed. Local laws vary so check with any relevant agency before placing caches
bullet Caches in or near military installations are not allowed
bullet Caches are not allowed on elementary and secondary school property
bullet Avoid sites that could be deemed potential or possible targets for terrorist attacks. These include but are not limited to highway bridges, dams, government buildings, and airports.
Rule#4: Be a positive ambassador for Scouting
  As with all else we do, cache using the Scout Oath and Law.


Cache to Eagle Guidelines

If you set up any Cache to Eagle sites, there are special guidelines you should use;

bullet ALL the above guidelines must be followed
bullet You cannot ask for donations or advertise for any specific unit and/or Council
bullet Eagle project sites should be in good repair and represent a significant effort. A project like repainting a building may begin to look “weathered” after a short time and should be avoided..
bullet TALK TO YOUR REVIEWER. Communication is always the key to success.
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